Pet Birds

African Greys as Pets

African Greys make fantastic family pets! They are very friendly and have individual characters and personalities. As a bird they are of a medium size and are well known for their talking abilities and intelligence - which is said to be the same as a 5 year old child!

Although they offer you lots of fun and will give you lots of love, a decision to purchase one of them should not be made lightly! They need lots of commitment and care - they can live for up to 65 years!

Our African Greys

Their foster parents hand rear them in the best possible way, so therefore they are well adjusted and have wonderful natures. They all love to have lots or cuddles, tickles and kisses. They are all only babies and are the perfect age to bond and build a trusting relationship. We have sold many of them over the past years and no one has been disap pointed!

The shop stocks everything you would need to give one a fantastic home including:

As well as African Greys, we also stock other smaller hand-reared birds. When available these include:

All are acquired from local breeders and always have beautiful natures. For availability please feel free to contact the shop. Larger parrots including Macaws and Amazons are sometimes available.

Aviary and Caged Birds

In addition to your fancy hand-reared birds, The Pet Shop also carries a wide range of cage/aviary birds. They are always stocked at reasonable prices and often include:

Good stock always available, please ring for details.


To ensure that you and your new or existing feathered friend has the best possible quality of live, The Pet Shop stocks everything that you will need, including: