Pet Cats


Much like with dogs and puppies, finding a good food to keep cats happy and healthy can be hard work. Just like dogs and other pets, cats can be fussy so here at The Pet Shop we stock a good range of foods, including:

We can advise you on the best and most purr-fect foods and meals for your kitten or cat, we can order most brands as required.

Litters and Trays

There is a wide range of litter trays and cat litters to suit every cat and cat owner. Cats all have their preferences and different toilet habits.


Simple solution is a ‘must have' because often cats get caught short or perhaps feel like a change and they'll leave you a present somewhere other than in the litter tray!

Protect Your Furniture!

Cats love to sharpen their claws on your wallpaper and sofa so at The Pet Shop we sell ‘Pet Behave Spray' designed to stop cats from doing just that.

We also sell scratching posts and activity centres so that they're encouraged to scratch those instead of the furniture.


Cats love to play and have lots of fun! Providing them with plenty of toys keeps their minds well stimulated and keeps them from getting up to mischief (well most of the time!) Remember playing with cats whether we are old or young, is a great way to interact and bond. There are plenty of toys to keep them happy.


Much like dogs, cats need to be treated for worms and fleas regularly. All you need to keep them happy and healthy is stocked at The Pet Shop for you to buy. Other products are also available to keep your cat fighting fit. These include:

On The Move

Although cats hate those visits to the vets, they do like to travel in comfort and style. At The Pet Shop there are various carriers for you to choose from; these range from your deluxe pillow lined to your good value cardboard one. We even sell airline approved ones for when you take you cat overseas (if they are so lucky). Although they may not thank you for taking them for their check-ups and treatments they'll will be grateful to you for letting them travel comfortably.


Remember as well as their main meals, cats also enjoy the odd tasty treat! To keep their bellies full and them licking their lips, there are plenty of yummy ranges to choose from:-