Pet Dogs


Dogs know what they live, just the same as you do and if they don't like the taste of something, then they won't eat it! It's nothing personal but all taste buds and tummies are unique. We know their fussy ways can sometimes give you headaches, so that's why The Pet Shop stocks a variety of foods which include:

Please feel free to contact the shop and we'll do our best to help you find the right food for your four legged friend. (Please note that special orders can be placed on brands that we do not stock and for bulk items.)


To keep you out of the 'doghouse' and to keep their tails wagging, dogs really appreciate a treat. In the shop, we have many delicious pre-packed treats such as the Pedigree, Bakers, Pointers and Hungry Hector (new) ranges. Also, there is a wonderful selection of lick smackingly good natural treats such as:


Dogs need to be treated for worms and fleas regularly and here at The Pet Shop we can assist you with that, with our wide choice of products. We also sell lots of vitamins and supplements to keep your dog's tail wagging and their health in tip top condition.

Some of these include:


In order to keep dogs happy and stimulated, it's important to give them plenty of toys. We offers lots of choices ranging from simple solid balls (rubber) to oinking pigs!

Toys stocked include:

To ensure their safety when playing, remember to dispose of damaged toys and always supervise them whilst playing. Some toys last longer than others, depending on "what big teeth they have!".


To reduce stress it is important to train your dog correctly. We sell many valuable training aids and accessories at The Pet Shop: