Reptiles & Insects

If you are interested in a pet that is a bit different and more exotic, then The Pet Shop is the place to come! Having recently installed some vivariums in the shop they are now stocking a selection of your scaly friends including:

Other Species can be ordered

Foods and Supplements

A variety of yummy, crunchy live foods are always available to satisfy your pets taste buds:

Or if your scaly friend prefers his or her dinner already dead then we can provide a selection of frozen options such as:

Please note: Special orders can be placed on all live and frozen orders.


A selection of vivariums are stocked in varying sizes and materials. To make your life easier Starter Kits are also available, providing everything that you need to take your pet home!


To meet the needs of your exotic pet and to give them the perfect habitat The Pet Shop provides everything you will require.