Small Pets

There is always a good selection of small friendly animals at The Pet Shop. We do our very best to obtain them from local breeders. These include:


The UK's most popular small pet animal! They are cute, friendly and amusing. They are low maintenance and are ideal for a ‘first pet'.


Very active little pets that love to burrow in sand. They live in family groups so are best purchased in pairs or more. They are better to watch than they are to handle and are easy to keep.


Rats make fantastic pets for both adults and children. They are loving, friendly and lots of fun! They are highly intelligent and can be easily trained.

Guinea Pigs

Are great for children as it is rare for a Guinea Pig to bite. Although they can be quite nervous they often have a cheeky nature and can be very vocal. They are community animals so it is best for them to be in pairs, and they love cuddles.


Are very popular small pet animals. It is becoming increasingly popular for them to be kept indoors as they can be easily litter trained! When considering a rabbit as a pet it is important to remember that they need regular injections against myxomatosis and V.H.D.


These are tiny creatures from South America. They are fascinating to keep and are very affectionate, lively and charming animals.


Although they're only little they can be fussy little devils! To keep them happy and their bellies full there is a good selection of foods to choose from:-

If you have a particularly fussy little friend who leaves a lot of his or her dinner, a complete food is highly recommended. In fact these foods are recommended by vets because they ensure that your pet gets all the goodness out of the meal, not just the best bits! These include:-


Little animals just love the odd treat. At The Pet Shop we understand that you want to tickly the taste buds of your little pet and spoil them rotten! In store there is a massive selection of treats that are constantly being updated and added to.

Cages & Accessories

From luxury apartments to good value cages, there are plenty of new homes for you to choose from:-


To ensure that your little one is kept clean and warm they need to have their homes cleaned regularly. The Pet Shop provides a good stock of bedding:-

All to keep your little ones snug as a bug in a rug!


To keep their boredom at bay toys are a must have! These keep them stimulated, happy and out of mischief. It's also a great way to bond with your pet and very entertaining for you to watch.

To keep their little teeth and claws nice and trim, it is also important to provide a selection of wooden toys and gnaws.


To keep them fighting fit and strong, giving your little one supplements and vitamins is well worth considering. Also to avoid unwanted visitors or get rid of them - flea drops, shampoos and powders are a must have! For more advice on what's right for your little pet, please contact the shop where a member of staff will happily advise you.